Small Christmas Biscuit Selection - POSTAL DELIVERY

  • A really special selection of luxurious festive biscuits and cookies with a nod to the continent. You'll find fragrant spiced Lebkuchen with chunks of nuts and candied peel, Italian-style Almond cookies with golden dried apricots (GF) and biscotti laden with pistachios, Scandinavian-style gingerbread iced and decorated with pumpkin seed, and shimmery chocolate stem-ginger cookies.


    This box contains two of each biscuit which are generously sized, and would make lovely gift for a couple, or an excellent box of treats to enjoy yourself over the festive season. We have chosen recipes which last well so no need to worry about wolfing down a whole box in a couple of days. Equally, if this doesn't sound like enough biscuits for you and your family, check out the larger version...


    Please note: the postal version will be packaged differently to the photographed biscuit box to ensure the biscuits arrive in good condition