Handmade Screen-Printed Eye Pillows

  • A pair of wheat filled, lavender-scented pillows made by designer and screen-printer Hannah Madden. Hannah designs incredibly beautiful and calming nature-inspired prints, carving her designs and block-printing by hand. She uses her prints to make lovely homewares, such as lampshades and cushions, and she then uses her fabric offcuts to create these lovely one-of-a-kind patchwork wheat bags. These can be warmed in the microwave and used to help you relax, to relieve headaches, tired eyes or other muscular aches and pains, and they can also be chilled in the freezer and used as an ice pack!


    Made from 100% natural cotton and filled with wheat grains locally sourced from a family farm in Shropshire + fragrant British dried lavender buds from Yorkshire.

  • Heat in the microwave for one minute and enjoy the soothing scent and warmth to help relax & relieve those aches & pains.

    Alternatively, put in the freezer for a few hours and use as an ice pack.

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