Spice & Green - The Everything Blend

  • We met Mel of Spice & Green when we started running our pop-ups last summer - one of the most popular products we sell at our pop-ups are freshly baked bagels topped with Mel's delicious 'Everything Blend'.


    This seed blend is inspired by 'The Everything Bagel'. Mel describes it as 'breakfast's best friend'! I can attest that a sprinkle of this stuff will transform scrambled eggs to a next level treat - I often have this as a quick lunch at the bakery! You can also sprinkle it over avocado or on savoury porridge, and if you fancy making bagels at home this is absolutely the best topping. The blend features super seeds essential for balanced health such as flax, sesame and chia.


    All of the Spice & Green blends are vegan, gluten free and low (or no) salt.


    Small jar - weight of product: 50g

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